shuffling along on a fatloss journey…hitting the weights, new stepmill addict and running my ass off

melRUNStheworld - shuffling along on a fatloss journey…hitting the weights, new stepmill addict and running my ass off

3 Months Hiatus

….makes a sad lonely blog. I’m still trucking and grinding on this fatloss journey. Been on Instagram alot…like seriously. I really like that platform. I like pictures.  I like taking pictures. I like people who like taking pictures. So yep that pretty much satisfies my social media sin. I deactivated my facebook for the moment, been on that thing since 2005. Just needed a break trying to keep up with all these platforms( blog, twitter, personal FB, this blogs fb, and IG). I made a decision which one I enjoyed more. Yep IG won! Plus Instagram pretty much fits into my life and has mucho motivation. When I don’t feel like working out, yep I pull up IG. When I wanna eat like crap for the next forever because that cast iron skillet chocolate cookie with the melting vanilla ice cream on top at Chili’s tastes sooo freakin good, yep I pull up IG to reel me back in on this healthy lifestyle I made commitment to on April 15, 2012.

I do have hopes of coming back on my blog to do a weekly post. I also miss reading up on my fav blog peeps too! But if you do want to connect with me and see my numerous flexing session of my a sweaty pic gym sesh hit me up on Instagram same name-> MelRUNStheworld. Much Love Peeps!

United Runners for Boston

Boston Marathon is THE race that every runner aspire to run in their life. Its like the super bowl of football, the olympia for bodybuilders, the nba championships for basketball. These runners put alot of time and work to qualify to be there. Or raised hard money for charities. Its an honor and should be a celebratory event crossing that finish line. Unfortunately that wasn’t so yesterday. I was hurt, bc the running community is really tight and felt like a close friend was attacked. So today I’m wearing one of my race shirts and running 3miles for the three lives lost yesterday. Those that are hurt whether physically, emotionally or mentally you are in our thoughts and prayers. Today the running community unite showing our support by wearing a racing item(shirt, shoes, etc). Be blessed. Appreciate today and this second. Off to run!

Future Figure Competitor

So if you’ve been following my blog, back in December I kind of put it out in the universe that I would like to possibly in the long long ways future walk across somebody’s figure competition stage. So the more I say it the more the idea sounds less insane. Since I started this bodybuilding challenge I find myself posing from time to time…well..really alot of times..I think after most workouts. Whatever muscle/body part I just finished annihilating in the weight room a flexing session en suite, it is kind of like a self-reward. As you will see me trying to pose here……

And here’s some bicep action……..

Also, look what I found on my back yesterday….my Traps! All those pullups(assisted for, lat pull downs, lat raises, etc is freakin’ working. At first I don’t know what I was squeezing back there probably because there was no developed muscle to speak of. But for me the pullups really helped me connect my mind to the muscle wings I was trying to call on.

So my legs are another area I’ve been paying extra special attention to. Its coming around slowly but surely and will be upping my HIIT (high intensity intervals) from 2 to 3/4 times a week. I call them quadzilla….yes I am naming my muscle’s their appearance..they started coming out last week..:)

So when, what, where etc will Melissa be competing in a figure competition? Umm..I don’t know. I’m looking into different organizations, theres so many. The first that attracts me is World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (WBFF). I would love to have the title of WBFF Diva. So far I’ve encountered alot of pros of joining this organization. I also love the creativity part you get to express in the themewear round which I think makes it fun.  Plus one of the athletes who inspires me holds her pro card with them. Andreia Brazier is just plain gorgeous..

I’ll be attending a local NPC show next month and a WBFF show in May so I will get a chance to see what its all about from the audience perspective and get the vibe. I’ve also connected with some really cool aspiring and current figure competitiors via IG and one of the ladies is Tenecia, a seasoned competitor who blogs over at Boobs, Broccoli, and Barbells she’s also prepping for her first National competition so check her out on her Black & Yellow Adventure. Also one of my fav is Joanna at SportsBras and Sippy Cups , she’s getting ready for her first show I think some time next year, plus her daughter Zoe is so cute flexing her little muscle on Lady Lifter Thursdays.

So there! I put it out there! I will be competing in a figure show. For what organization/federation,when and where is to be decided but for now I am excited about this new venture.

What have you been up to? Do you have a crazy venture you’ve thought of but sounding more and more like a great idea? Chime in I would love to hear it and know I’m not the only insane one.

Oh yeah here’s a pic I just posted on IG, I’m feeling a bit smaller and tighter..

4 weeks from my 1yr fatlossversary and getting my repeat bodyfat % done in the bodpod.

Updates (via IG pics->scale addict, marriage anniversary,etc..)

 Hi peeps! I’m here! Living life:) I also would like to thank all of you for your emails and comments on my last post. They were so freakin’ encouraging and teared me up.  Happy Tears. This journey is so much more than physical for sure. Such a great supportive fitness community. Again thank you.

Well, I just celebrated my 4yrs marriage anniversary(3/8/13) with the hubby over this past weekend. I love me some Him;)

Wore this cute dress……

and INSANE heels!

Don’t you love the spikes?!

Also been working my ass off at the gym, lifting weights on heavy rotation. I’m  making alllllll kinds of muscle gains! I was so proud to see my quads tonight, hence the flexing picture session….

Been focusing on my back and legs lately since they’re the ones slacking behind.

Also I am taking a hiatus from the scale. I confess I am a scale addict.

Source: google image (I love the HK tatt! I am also a confessed hello kitty junkie)

This week I have my visitor coming to town and for some reason the number is doing something to me. I know its water weight but my non-logical side of my brain is getting kind of down. Could be the hormones also. So hence, the decision is made NO scale, no weigh ins. Scale has been removed by the hubby,don’t know where it is. The scale is a great tool but does not paint the full picture of your transformation and how beautiful you are. So, next time I step on it will be on 4/15 for my 1yr fatlossversary! So what have you guys been up to? I’ve been hanging on instagram alot, oh yeah IG friend me to stay updated. Username is the same as the blog: MelRUNStheworld

Do you have an addiction you’d like to confess? (fitness-related or not)

The Truth: I was Fat and Depressed!

Okay its been exactly 20 days since I last blogged. Tsk. Tsk. I know I’ve been such a slacker. I have so much to catch up on. For now I’ll just update you on my weight from this morning. Also some pics I’ve been posting on Instagram. I really like that social medium. I love pics and you get to comment so its pretty much perfect, its like a merge of twitter and facebook. You can tell I just recently started using it..hence the Excitement or honeymoon phase. Alot has happened. Ran my 3rd half marathon, The Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, took place 2/17 and I did it in memory of my matron of honor Gigi Fatal who battled breast cancer for 7yrs. That pretty much deserves its own post. So a race report will be coming soon.

Okay how much do I weigh now, 20 days ago the scale said 186.2. Today…

So that’s a lost of 3+ lbs! Whoop!Whooop! Today it just hit me that my ass lost over 60lbs or 62.2lbs to be exact. I worked my ass off for every little pound. I am grateful for every 0.1lb..thats right zero point one. Because I worked for it and I am proud of myself and at the same time humbled by this experience. I got teary eyed because I remember when I was 245lbs I couldn’t wait to get back to the 180s, those were my college days scale number. The days I had a collar-bone, and I could see some kind of muscle definition, the days where I wasn’t freakin tired all the time and had energy to do simple and extra stuff. I was able to stand at the kitchen sink to wash dishes without my back screaming with pain from all the fat that accumulated in my abdomen adding pressure on my spine. Simple crap like that. I am here! I’m in the 180s knocking on 170s door. My old clothes fit me! I put my shorts from college today to workout in. It fit comfortably..Go FSU!! Seminoles! Garnet &Gold! Its written in gold lettering on my bottom…didn’t feel comfy posting a booty shot..although I did take one…heres pics with NO booty shots

I am teary eyed as I type this because at one point I didn’t think I could get back to this active person. That I was destined to be obese.<–that was self-sabotage talk to make it okay to eat that extra piece of cake, mcdonalds,pizza, chinese food with the extra cheese wontons, all of that crap of daily eating led me to being depressed. This shit is a pervasive cycle. Have you watched that guy who did the 30 days of eating McDonald experiment, you know what I’m talking about, yes he gained alot of weight and his medical labs were off the charts, but his mood changed as well. More sullen and depressed and pretty much felt like crap! Well that was me! I was on the brink of deaths door. I wasn’t living life. This post really was supposed to be short and sweet with some pics sprinkled here in there on what I’ve been up to. But it’s turned into a long ass venting spill. I’m actually going to have to change the title. Its okay, its my blog and my journey and I invite you to share my happy-go-lucky posts and as well as my deep real shit stuff. Depression is real and I was lucky to be able to identify what the hell started the crap. My eating! Life happens, stress happens, crapiola happens and somehow I handled it with food. I was in two major car accidents within one year, I developed anxiety and I handled it with food. CRAppy food that makes you feel even more crappier. Instant food orgasm in your mouth that leaves you feeling like crap afterwards. It is an addiction. It’s not worth it and I am glad I woke the hell up and said this SHIT has to stop! Yep that’s exactly how I said it. You can ask my hubby. I got angry. I got mad at myself and said this SHIT has to STOP! Anger is a good thing. Why? Because it fueled a fire in me. A fire to make that change to burn this extra extra EXTRA fat that was weighing me down. I challenged myself and I worked my ass off. Connected with others going thru the same crap! Started vlogging on youtube, yes I put myself out there. To now blogging and tweeting. Now a new IGer. Connected with some real kewl peeps, too! You know who you are. I am grateful that I met albeit not in person, except one of you, Hi Marsha! But, you are real to me and have motivated and inspired me on my journey. I hope as I write this maybe someone will stumble across this post and maybe feeling hopeless, depressed, tired,  and is overweight, obese or whatever you wanna call it or just plain unhappy with the way they look. I am telling you can do this shit! You can change your body to whatever you wanna look like or not! It starts in your mind, this is soo freakin true. Sounds cliché buts its true. Psychological well-being is real. Start saying I CAN, I WILL _____ fill in the blanks. Trust it will manifest in your life.  I’m not at my goal weight yet, and even when I reach my goal of how I want to look it will continue be a journey to maintain it. I look forward to that and which I  CAN & WILL maintain a  healthy emotional, psychological, spiritual fit life. I am manifesting it and speaking it into existence. Much love peeps!

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Weigh In Wednesday #9 and BirthdaySWAG

2 weeks ago 189.4lbs

Here’s my weigh in for this week. Last week didn’t get around to it, honestly I was really into making my first week of the bodybuilding challenge count. Making my transition of 70-80% clean eating to 100% took planning and alot of kitchen time.  It was well worth it. So we(hubby and I) started 11 days ago on Sunday 1/27.  So that Saturday we decided we were going to “pig out” on all the crap we might crave during the next 12 weeks.

So that was the plan, but didn’t fully occur. Went out to eat both Friday and Saturday evening and we still ordered healthier options…lol. Ex: salmon dish w/ steam veggies and brown rice, sushi, chicken breast..etc.  The only “cheat” we had over those 2 days was an order of egg rolls, my glass of margarita, and a kid size cone from Coldstone Ice Creamery. Which still fell in our typical 20-30% unclean routine we’ve gotten into. So we felt pretty good that even if we had all intentions to “binge” before this bodybuilding challenge our body pretty much said hell no! Even our healthy entrees we took half of it home just because we couldn’t finish in one seating.

Oh yeah we celebrated my birthday last Friday on February 1st. I turned 29 and feel really blessed to see another year. I also got to wear a jumpsuit shorts, something I wouldn’t even imagine I would be able to do when I was 245lbs even in my smaller days like I’m in my 180s my legs weren’t as toned as they are now. I give all thanks to the stepmill, squats, walking lunges, deadlifts, leg press, track sprints…..yes all of that has brought my quads out and lifted my booty in just one month b/c in December it was a hot mess.

So I am well into this 12 weeks challenge with a winning attitude at week 2 day 4. I’ve lost 3.8lbs so far and an inch off my waist. 21 more lbs to lose and gain 2lbs of muscle to put me at 22% bodyfat percentage. Look forward to what the bodpod test has to say at the end of this challenge. Oh yeah my body is looooooving this 100% clean eating and is responding very well. I myself mentally have more energy. Trying out new recipes to keep variety in our diet, makes for alot of dishwashing..but its worth it.

Whats your favorite recipe that I can try for my new 100% eating clean regimen? Please share. I’ll be posting photos of attempts.

Its My Birth-DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!(Dance Moves)

Its my 29th blessings! Whoop!Whoop! So I got crunk with some  music in my livingroom. I use to be in a dance troupe in college, but as you will see that was in college=means I’m rusty as Plus I don’t do the clubbing scene much of No more. So all my attempted dance moves takes place at home. LOL. I still know how to dance some Haitian Music, that’s never going to change its in my blood:)

Bathing Suit and Body Fat Percentage

So I just got back from the my bodpod appointment…

It’s a body composition test where my fat and lean mass were measured. My appointment was at 10 this morning. So I had my breakfast by then and the following 12 weeks when I go back to retake I have to pretty much have the same breakfast to keep it in relative the same testing condition. If you’re a nerd like me and want to know how it works and studies compared to other methods here’s the link.

So this bodpod you’ve probably seen it in alot of weightloss shows where the contestants hop into this time capsule looking thing and voila! They have their body fat percentage results.

Back in the days the gold standard of body fat measurement was the hydro weighing where they dunk you in a tank of water you expel the air in your lungs, et cetera et cetera.

Well with our lovely ever evolving new technology the bodpod and the DEXA scan was born. Now no more water, breath holding, calipers(<-some human error occurs in these) are necessary to get your bf%.

If you didn’t know from my last blog post I started the 100k bodybuilding challenge yesterday. The deadline to enter is this Thursday 1/31, so sign up and if you do befriend me! Oh how I love friendly competition;) So I wanted some reliable important numbers to refer to after my 12 weeks transformation instead of the scale number. My fitness goal has always been to maintain my lean mass<–Muscles yeaaahh! and burn that fat–hell yeah! So now I’m 55lbs down and I have 12 more weeks until my fatloss anniversary. It appears right now a large percent of my bodyfat is in my thighs the typical stubborn fat area for women and I would like to develop some muscle def in my back.

So in the coming weeks I’ll be doing alot of squats, jump squats, sumo squats, walking lunges, deadlifts, track sprints, and all kinds of plyometric exercises.

This was my morning workout yesterday..

As I type this my quads, hams, the little add/ab muscles are on FIRE! a good Fire! but still FIRE! Lol. My hubby just text me the same concerns with his legs. Strangely my lower obliques are also sore.

Okay enough of the talking…So here are my numbers

So I have 33.4% body fat and am so excited to be only 3.4% from being considered moderately LEAN!!! sounds sooo much better than moderately Obese:/ I hate that word but it is what it is, pretty much a frank wake up call term. My goal is to get to the lean category hover between 22-24%.

To find a bodpod to get your bodyfat percentage done in your location here’s the link .  Price range varies per center and I came across some saying they paid $25-$75. I paid $50. That was my birthday gift to myself…which is this Friday on the 1st of the best month of the year FEBRUARY! Aquarius in the houuuuuussse! Lol. Be blessed.

Oh yeah how do you monitor your fitness journey? Measuring tape? Scale? Calipers? Bodyfat Scales? DEXA scans or bodpods? Clothes fittings? Chime in! I love replying to comments. Like seriously.

Weigh In Wednesday #8 and Bodybuilding Challenge

Yeah I know its Friday but I did weigh myself on Wednesday morning. Just got off my stretch of working my nights and was too tired to type up a post, plus I have some AWEsome news.

So on Wednesday 1/23 here was my scale number

Last week 190.6, previous week 191.8

So I have entered the 180s ya’ll!!!! Whoop!Whoop! So I decided to hit the gym..

my supergirl capris are getting looser


This morning for the kick of it I felt a bit lighter and my midsection tighter and this is what it said…

This morning number

wow…I remember when I was 245lbs I couldn’t wait to get back to the 180s-190s. At that time it seemed so freakin far away! But now that I’m here I am proud and humbled at the same time that I was able to accomplish that.

Here I am in the 180s for my 22nd birthday..

For the most part in the 180s I think I look pretty good in clothes. My goal now is to look off da chain without them on. As I said my goal is to get sexy naked. I have a goal number in my mind…150ish. The lowest I’ve ever gotten down to in my adult life was 168lbs and I thought I was freakin At the start of my journey initially the scale number was my focus and midway thru I wanted to focus even more in losing bodyfat and maintaining my muscle I worked so hard for in the past. So far I’ve been on it and ready to take it to another level!

So is having $100k in prizes 12 weeks transformation challenge. Guess who’s doing it?! ME! Here’s my bodyspace page link. Plus my hubby is also doing it with me. Yeaah! That’s 2 more chances of winning! Whoop!Whoop! We are about  to go beastMode ON in this piece!<—lol

I’ve been frequenting that site since October due to my hubby. Initially I thought it was for the guys and my hubby made me aware that the site is not solely geared to men. What?! Yep thts all she wrote, remember weightllifting is my 1st love so I’ve been hooked. Watching various youtube vids on Kai Greene<–this dude is deep his words is very motivating. Alot of the women on there inspire me also, such as Dana Linn Bailey, Sara Fennell youtube, Amanda Latona and much much more. Yes I love seeing muscles on women and while still remaining feminine…I came across this physique model and WBFF pro Andreia Brazier and I think she is AH-mazing

You see she still have curves and what I think what we would call a brickhouse.

So that’s the look I am going for, you never know once I reach my goal I may attempt walking across some kind of figure competition stage. Who knows? I’m just putting it out there in the universe.

So base on my eatsmart bathroom scale I have 35% bodyfat. But right now I’m trying to find a DEXAscan which is the gold standard right now to measure BF% or BodPod in my area to get the most accurate bodyfat %.

12 weeks later I’ll get another one to see how much of body fat percentage I loss and muscle maintained or gained.

Until next time check me on my bodyspace bodybuilding page. I will officially start this Sunday and will post my before pics at that time. Excited to take this challenge with my hubby!:)

For some motivation check out their new volume of Body of Art on Bodybuilding

My fav shot is this



Weigh In Wednesday #7 and Progress Pics (9 mos)

Last Week 191.8 Previous Week 194.4

I am soooooo glad I changed my workout routine and decided to give distance running a break. Thats right! Whoohoooo! I have a loss this week! 1.2lbs to be exact! I’m actually surprised, I expected a gain or same # from last week. It’s that time of the month again..the visitor made its appearance yesterday…ugggghh bloated and annoyed and usually I gain about 3-5lbs of water weight during that time as you can see in the fluctuation from my week 1 to week 2 Wednesday Weigh Ins.

So I’m assuming sans water weight I very well may be in the 180s:) Well I guess we shall see next week. I am still working out and following the simplyshredded workout schedule. My daily caloric intake was at 1800+ this week. I’m feeling tighter especially around my mid section. My abs are starting to look more lean, they made their appearance a couple of months ago but at that time the layers of subcutaneous fatty tissue still didn’t get their eviction notice.

So after taking that shot of my abs that morning(Monday) I really felt like a badass. As you will see in my following shot. I gave it my all in my HIIT session that morning (20 minutes of pure hell!!) and couldn’t wait to get back that afternoon for leg session.

After that session, took my sweaty badass self a shower and went to my fav store Forever 21 to just try on some stuff for fun. None of these items below were purchased except  a cute workout shirt. I’m really thinking about going back for that blue dress though…

I love the shot on the right because my muscle definition is starting to come in more in my arms. They are tightening up nicely so there’s definitely progress on Operation FattyFlabArms begone! All thanks to weight training. I am feeling AWEsome, I guess getting rid of  almost 55lbs would do that. Okay until next time! Eat Clean, Train Insane or Remain The Same!<–love this quote

Oh yeah, have you checked out my baby sister’s weightloss transformation? If not check it out here.

My First Race Ever-(A Repost)

My first and only race report so far. Yep, it’s been almost 5yrs since I completed my first 5k race. I went digging around looking for it and here it is…and a pic of me right before and after crossing the finish line.

Post Race Report: Completed my First 5k Race

posted at 5/27/2007 4:13 AM CDT

So I just got home from my race and post race brunch with my sis and nursing classmates. It was awesome. Last night I began to get nervous, I woke up at 3:30, 5:30, and 6:30. I was a bit anxious. I started thinking hey as long as I do it in 40 minutes I’m fine, but then I remember one of the many wise advices my 6yrs old nephew gave me last night. He said it doesnt matter if you dont win Tati, you can do that next year, just concentrate on just finishing this race.

So before training I wanted to finish in b/x 37-40 minutes but with training on the treadmill I was clocking in between 35-37 minutes.

So here it goes my first mile, all I can say that was the hardest for me. At the one mile mark I clocked in at 10:02(I was going do a 12:00pace), I was like whoohooo but I knew I had to slow down a bit if I was going to finish this because my breathing was a bit too fast. I kept saying I can do this! I can do this! I followed this father who was running with his little daughter and I thought that was the cutest thing ever.

All in all I just kept a pace that was comfortable to me, I didnt try to out race the guy next to me or the crowd in front of me. I just enjoyed the scenary and every so often put my music lower as I ran pass a volunteer to hear their encouraging words. The last mile having my sister, two little nephews, and classmates cheer me on really added fuel in my step and when I saw that clock at 32:30 and heard my little crowd yell “sprint it, girl! You’re going to past your time! Go Tati Tati! Go MeMe!”

Sprint to the finish line

I’m glad to say I made it in 33:34, I passed my 35 minute original mark! As soon as I passed that line I said Thank you Lord, thank you God with a big cheesin grin on my face! It felt great! I want to do it again.

That’s the “oh my gosh! Did I just do that?” Look.

And I shall in two weeks, Shut Up and Run 5k and I was able to recruit my nursing friends who attended this one. So yeaaaah! I’m running addict. Until next time.Smiler

It was nice to go down memory race lane. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for marathon training updates 12-12-12 is sooo freakin close.

1 Year Body Project- Half Way There

So here I am this past April….

Here I am now:)

The picture on the left was actually taken two weeks into my journey 10lbs down. At 245lbs, I was emotionally not in a good place and tired all the damn time. Hence the reason the picture was taken 2 weeks later. Seeing the number go down on the scale prompted this picture above with a smile. I thought hey I can really do this shiit! Yes I’m responsible for getting this unhealthy but then realized I can change it! It was discouraging at first when I got on the treadmill I could only walk at 2.5mph when the norm in the past for me was to run at least 5mph. I cried…. then I got angry.  Told myself to suck that crap up and put in the damn work! So I walked,walked, jogged..

……then tackled Insanity DVD workout and listened to Shaun T scream at me thru the screen telling me to dig deeeper!!!!!!

That $#!t was BANANAS! For real…lost 20lbs over the next 60days with Shaun T. Then, I decided to cross this item off my bucket list of completing a full marathon by the end of this year while continuing my fatloss journey.  So, I am about 8 weeks out.  I will be running 12-12-12 Marathon of Sarasota. So when asked 10yrs from now, when did I complete my first full marathon, 12/12/12 will easily roll off my tongue…HA!

So anyhoo! I just wanted to do a post on my 6 months progress pic, 45lbs down with 50 more lbs to go!  What I’m doing to burn that fat and make some muscle gain? You got it! Running and lifting them weights on heavy rotation. I also just picked back up spinning for my crosstraining cardio days after finding my spiffy cushioned spinning shorts.So what look am I going for? Its all about Serena Williams and Angela Bassett type figures! Seriously! I embrace and will always be curvy but I want it all tight and sitting right;)

Alrighty, thanks for reading my uber long post and look out for my upcoming Wednesday giveaway I will be doing to celebrate reaching my half way mark! This item was a really helpful tool in my fitness goals. Stay Tuned!

Week 4 of Fitmas Challenge

So this is a 12 week fitness challenge hosted by the one and only Donloree, leadership coach and author of  If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake To My Funeral. The title of her hilarious must read book should pretty much give you an idea about her humor. I got weird stares from my fellow nursing colleagues as a result of my very disruptive you should put it on your list of reads.

Anyhoo, back to the challenge, so this happens to be my 1st week taking part in this challenge. Yes, yes, yes, I know I’m late. I needed to take some time to deal with my grief and roller-coaster emotions of losing a very dear friend to breast cancer. I really started feeling more like myself this weekend actually. Hence the extra energy and motivation to start this new blog and get back on my fitness game. You can still hop on in if you haven’t already! Its pretty much a win win to help us burn some extra fuel/fat so we can be extra sexy for the Holidays:) So I woke up this morning and found in my email the challenge for week 4. I was so pumped! Little did I know it was going to be freakin insaaane! Seriously! I haaaaaate and looooooooooooove this routine. I did my 10 minute warm up on the tready at 5mph feeling pretty crunked. Walked over to the free weights area to start with the chest incline DB press…then that’s all I! Shoot! I thought I had it until I got to the last superset and manage to get thru half of the sets. Ended with an interesting burpee of crawling into a standing position with a slight hop. LOL! My arm muscles were freakin’ twitching as I drove my very tired behind home, vowing to tackle this bad boy again! I will get thru all 4 sets of superset#3. I promise!

My First Giveaway! -EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Scale

About 2 months into my fatloss journey, I started looking into a more functional scale as I wanted to see more than just a number. My main concern was that I wanted to lose fat and not my muscles. Another important key is that I wanted to monitor my hydration levels. So, I went on a hunt looking for an affordable scale to do just that and came across EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale via Amazon. So, I contacted the great people at EatSmart and requested if I could do a review of their product which once done I would return the scale to them.

One amazing morning about 3 months ago I opened my email and found a lovely note from Karen at EatSmart saying she would love for me to do a review. Next thing you know within 3 days the scale was in front of my door, packaged so nicely. The scale is really really pretty, you’re wondering how can a scale be described as pretty. But this one really is…here’s a picture…..





…..You see! It’s all glossy and has a sleek design. It was really hard for me to step on it as I didn’t want my feet to leave smudged foot prints. I also noticed that I have acquired a very mild OCD with this scale as I wipe it off after each use. I know when my husband uses it and I have to remind him that he must wipe You read that I just step on it right? Yep! There’s no tap tap or doing any tap dancing with this for it to turn on as with other scales.

So anyhoo, its been 3 months which I think with more than sufficient use for me to give a review. It works! It’s AWEsome! I LOVE it!

So in the past 3 months, I lost 3%bodyfat, gained 1.5%muscle, and my hydration levels have been pretty good. The total body water % is perfect to monitor your water intake for the day. Also, as a runner, it’s a perfect tool to hop on after a run to see how well you’re staying hydrated during a long run. I could go on and on how awesome this scale is but I would love for one of you to find out for yourself. And since the good people of EatSmart were nice enough to send me such an AWEsome scale free of charge, I’ve decided to pay their kindness forward. So I decided to buy one and use it as my giveaway to celebrate reaching the halfway mark of my fatloss journey.

Also, to find out the specs and detailed info such as max weight capacity, other features or read the 1,000+ reviews or purchase here.

So here’s what you have to do to enter:

1. Comment below stating how would this scale benefit you (This is required for initial entry)

For additional entries..Don’t you love increasing your chances..

2. Follow me on twitter @MelRUNStheworld (comment below stating you did so)

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4. Retweet this giveaway as such copy and paste   “I entered to win @EatSmartScales GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale from @MelRUNStheworld. You can too!″

This giveaway is open to everyone around the world! As I would hope to one day run a race on each continent and maybe someone on this said continent will let me crash at their place….just kidding..or am I?  DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 31 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. will be use to select the winner which I will contact via your email and send a shoutout via twitter and fb!  I am so excited to be doing my first giveaway and also I want to send a shoutout to @cherielianne for letting me steal  borrow her format for my giveaway instructions.

Good Luck!


Thank you all for entering my first giveaway. Trust there are many more to come!

Congrats Sonia! I just sent you an email. Please respond with your full name, mailing address info, and phone number. Hope you enjoy this functional scale as much I do! Be Blessed!

*Do I really have to do a disclaimer: Here it goes. This giveaway was purchased with my own dinero/us dollars/paper. The product was sent to me free of charge for a review. I loved it so much that I bought one so that I can share my contentment/satisfaction/ happiness/joy with someone else. The end:)*

I Can Fit in My Jeans! (NonScale Victory)

If you didn’t know, I’m a  registered nurse who works the best shift ever! Night shift, from 7pm-7am. I tend to work my shifts all 6 in a row. So, when most are in their bed I’m taking care of preemies and sick babies all night. So most times I don’t ever really see the sun. Okay I am going off on a tangent now let me redirect.

This past Monday, my loving hubby called asking to take me to lunch on my one day off in between my work stretch. As for the past few days he’s only seen me sleeping or just waking up getting ready for work. I perked up from my sleep when I heard food and going out. LOL. So I went on a search for something to wear. The weather here in Florida has been really nice and cool, enough to wear a long sleeve. So I found this cute off the shoulder long sleeve top and was trying to figure what bottom to wear with it.

Long story short I pulled these jeans out that I hadn’t worn in almost 2 yrs. These bad boys wouldn’t even go past my knees this past April. Even just a couple of months ago in September, I tried them on again only to peel them right off fully aware that looking like a stuff sausage is not a trend to be popular any time soon. Plus, I like to sit down like a normal person without feeling like seams or buttons are about to POP!

So I proceed to put them on thinking, “Will they fit? No I don’t think so.( Both legs are in) Hmm..I guess I’ll have to wait another month and BAM! They freakin’ fit! THEY FREAKIN FIT! Of course they fit! I’ve been working my ass off! <—-Insert  the Tootsie Roll Dance.  Unfortunately, my fam and friends got massive texts with various pictures of my jeans fitting..LOL.  I don’t know the size since the tag is washed out but they fit and I looked cute. Put some heels on and a little bit of M.A.C makeup and I was ready to go out to lunch with my hubby! These are the NON scale victories I look forward to. What milestones or non scale victories have you accomplished recently or are looking forward to? Do you also have a pair of jeans you would like to get into? Or maybe walk/run a mile non stop?

Talk to me:)

Fitness Bling for a Cause

I love bling! Specifically race bling,  AWEsome looking finisher’s medals. But, the down part is that you can’t wear it as an everyday piece or you can try like I did. Lol..I sure did  with my first and only half marathon, I wore that sucker although I had it underneath my work clothes the next day I thought that was a reasonable compromise.

Anyhoo, as I was online shopping or more like online window shopping of cute fitness outfits,I came across Fashletics. It’s a collection of handmade inspired-fitness jewelry created by Sarah Wilson a certified Crossfit trainer, which reminds me that’s something I need to cross off my list: Attend a free Crossfit session.  I saw it here, at AMRAP:Style , a  facebook page I follow where they periodically post the cutest fitness outfit ideas.  So of course I just had to make a purchase.

So here I am rocking my Breast Cancer Awareness Fashletics pink power kettlebell necklace 25% Proceeds benefits Barbells for Boobs.

A non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding through the Mammograms In Action ® Grant Program for qualified low-income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic services for the detection of breast cancer.#LiveLoveLift

Shipping was mucho fast and plus I got an extra goody, a cute leather accessory pouch. The fitness gods must have been on my side as I was eyeing that exact pouch for my next purchase.


The best part is that she’s also able to customize your jewelry piece to your liking. Check out the website. Let me know if you get anything. Happy Shopping!


Marathon Training Needs CPR

After my 16 miles long run 2 weeks ago I have completely went AWOL on my marathon training schedule. Like seriously I don’t know whats up with me. Past two weeks I’ve gotten about 2 runs each week and ranged anywhere from 1-4miles. Its like I gave up. I’m disappointed in myself. I really wanted to stick to my schedule and even though its been a bit difficult with my night shift work schedule I was determined to stick it out.  Mind you I have not stopped being active, I just have found my interest veering off to more weight training sessions, spinning, and yesterday I tried TRX for the first time.

Ok going off topic as usual for a minute…..OMG, I loved TRX its like a mixture of stretching, strength training, and balance. Perfect for me because I am guilty of bypassing stretching after a warmup or if I do I wouldn’t really count it since it consist of reaching for my toes for like all of 10 seconds. I know better. I know stretching is just as important.  Promise to do better on that.

Anyhoo, I’ve been debating if I should postpone my marathon attempt or suck it up and get my mind in gear and see if I can make up for these past two weeks of inconsistency. So far I’ve missed an 18 and 14 miles long run. I had my eye on ING Miami Marathon which would give me sufficient time to get an extra month to get out of my mind funk. What do you guys think?

By the way, last year I started a tradition of doing a Thanksgiving race with my nieces and nephews the morning of before getting our grub on. They are so excited! So this will be our 2nd annual Thanksgiving race. Since this year we’re having our family dinner in Georgia, I’ll be sigining up for Atlanta Thanksgiving 5k with my 12yrs old nephew and the rest of my lot to run the 1 mile fun run and gobble trot (8yrs old niece, 7yrs old nephew, 6yrs old nephew, 3yrs old niece, and 2yrs old nephew)<–My sisters have been busy with their husbands . What’s your plan for Thanksgiving? Will you be doing a local race?


Reindeer Run Half Marathon Report with No Headphones..uggh!

To start this post I have to say, I had sooooo much freakin’ fun! This is a first for me. Maybe it was the no headphones rule I obeyed even though I groaned when I saw it as one of the race rules when I was about to register. Maybe it was the costume and my tutu, whatever it is I had a blast for my second half marathon. Last one was 3yrs ago at the Women’s Running Magazine Half in St.Pete.

Grabbed this pic from the race fb page. I look so happy here! I think I just crossed the start line,,13 miles to go!

Let me rewind. So, last minute I decided to book a hotel near the race site. Even though it would have been driving distance but I would have to wake up extra extra super early. Naah..I am so not a morning person. I went on an online hunt and discovered a hotel with a decent rate via expedia and literally right at the race start…I believe that was a sign. Don’t you think? Gave the hubby a call, got the green light, and booked ASAP.

We drove in Saturday afternoon straight to the packet pick up which was held at a local church. There was no expo but that was fine, they have a really cute downtown with small shops.

Seeing this sign as we entered really made me feel welcomed. Fernandina Beach is located on the northeast coast of Florida on Amelia Island. It was my first time there and wished I had more time to peruse around. The only thing on my mind that afternoon was food and sleep.

Headed straight to the hotel and checked in at the Seaside Inn! The room was pretty nice but the hotel was literally on the beach and it just didn’t feel right not to have a view. So I gave a quick call to the front desk to inquire if they had any available and she was sooo sweet that she actually upgraded are room free of charge to a suite with a view. How awesome is that?!? I took it as another sign this race was going to ROCK!

Enjoying the view from our upgraded suite at Seaside Inn

The front desk recommended some places to eat. In the end we decided to try the Crab Trap. It was a great choice. The food was yummmy! I had their version of a crab cake with some cheese grits and oh mouth is still watering. I ate half and brought the rest back to hotel stored it in the fridge to save for my post race meal. Wish I had some right now as I type. Here’s some pics..


Decided to take a pic with Santa

Crab Trap-Food was AWEsome!

Pre-race food. No pasta here. My body wanted crabcake and the cheese grits were a bonus!













I was winding down for the night and checking my twitter. The day before I connected with Marcia a fellow SweatPink Ambassador who’d be running the race also. My friendly self contacted her seeing if she wanted to meet at the race. Via those last minute tweets the night before the race we discovered we were staying in the same hotel! LOL! I told her we were sooo meant to meet. We both agreed to just meet in the morning at the hotel’s continental breakfast as we both had a long day. Plus, I truly did not see how I was going to peel myself off that bed. Here’s a pic of us morning of the race.. 


I’m a hugger and she politely hugged I have to remind myself not everyone is so touchy feely. But Marcia was great and super nice. Chatted real quick about our cute gear and I made a beeline to the food. I don’t like running on a heavy stomach so I chowed down a slice of toast with a small breakfast sausage. Sipped on some coffee and I was ready! I was super antsy I don’t know if you could tell  I hope to get to know you a bit more Marcia, it was great meeting you if you’re reading this.

So off to the start line I went, from the moment I stepped out the door of the hotel I got numerous comments/compliments on my tutu. I was bit overwhelmed, I think I said thank you at least 100 times that day. I guess wearing a tutu isn’t so bad. To start the race the national anthem was sung followed by a prayer from a local pastor and off we went! First mile always sucks for me so I just distracted myself with the cheerers and such. Usually my headphones helps crunk me up but as the rules said no headphones on the course I quickly noticed the numerous headphones around me. Heeeeyyy! At that moment instantly I wanted to give the hubby a call and tell him to drag himself to mile marker 3 which loops back to the start to hand me mine. But the goody tushy in me decided to obey the rules and just suck it up.

Which I am glad I did, because the course was not closed to traffic so I was very aware when  a car was coming up next to me and scooted over to the side. Once I had to tap a runner ahead who so happened to be jamming to one of my songs, yes it was that loud, to heed over to the side for a car.

Plus, usually I zone out with headphones but without them I got to meet and interact with others along the course. Something I never thought I would do or enjoy, as I am not part of a training group and 99% of the time run solo unless that 1% with my hubby. I also thought I didn’t like talking while I ran but going into Miles 2-3, Deb asked if she could run along with me as my tutu was keeping her motivated, she was running the 5k portion of the race in support of her husband who’s an ultrarunner but is currently battling leukemia. I was so sad to see her veer off to the finish line as I had 10 miles to go with no headphones.

Mile 4 I stopped to take a pic of the sign post, the first mile marker to be seen the whole race and it was cute. A runner behind me kindly offered to take a pic of me in front of it. And here it is…

From miles 4-6 it was pretty uneventful except they had a speakers blasting music at mile 7 which gave me an extra pep in my step. Around mile 8-9 we had what we call a Florida hill, a bridge, I met Sonia as we crossed that bridge who is currently battling breast cancer. Kind of got teary eyed as I thought 2 months ago we just laid to rest a very dear friend, Gigi, she was more like a big sister and the matron of honor at my wedding to rest after she battled breast cancer for 7yrs. Sonia’s motivational words that this race is an individual race the only one you have to beat is yourself. Thank you Sonia for your words and company, you made those miles fly by.

I was feeling pretty good. They had both water and gatorade at the aid stations so I consumed my water there and carried a 200ml water bottle with Nunn tablets in it to sip on for my electros. Thru training and multiple attempts my tummy does not like any GU, gatorade products, etc. Nunn it is and Nuun it will be for now. But, at mile marker 10 I ran out of my Nunn fluid. So no biggie I only have to tackle a 5k, 3.1 miles I got this! Or at least I thought. A little into mile 10 I got this annoying cramp in both calves. Ugggghhh! I didn’t tell anyone or my PR goals but I wanted to break the 3hrs mark. As my last half I completed 3yrs ago I did it in 3:22:30. So I managed to turn on my dying phone to check the time confirming I had 40 minutes to get it done. Stopped to try and walk it out, flex, massage..nothing. When I ran it felt better, it was just annoying. So I told myself to suck it up and I think those were my longest miles, I was really trudging along. Mile 12 stopped to flex again and decided the next time I stopped would be at the finish line. There I went running thinking I need to carry some salt tablets next time. As I turned the corner to run or in my mind I think I sprinted the stretch in the announcer decided to get the crowd cheering for the first ballerina to run the I laughed inside..I’m wearing my “running” tutu and just never thought people would think ballerina…I saw the clock ticking 3:……..I crossed at 3:02:02 leg cramps and all with a big ass smile. The cramps in my legs disappeared soon afterwards with a quick massage from the hubby. I felt AWEsome still do! I also felt proud of myself…and want to do it again, soon! Already started searching for the next one to break that 3hr mark.

Got my medal and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

Oh yeah I wasn’t the only one rocking the tutu!  Have you raced in a tutu or costume before?



Weigh In Wednesday #1 and Another Half Marathon?

Last Saturday on December 1st, I stepped on the scale and I was at 200 point 6 pounds. It was a 1lb lost but my spiffy EatSmart Getfit BodyFat Scale also told me I lost 1.5%body fat with a gain of 2% muscle so I was still psyched. By the way I only do the bodyfat percentage analysis once a month. So anyhoo, I’ve been flirting with the same freakin 1-2lbs for the past few months since October to be exact. Mind you my clean eating has not been a 100%, more like 60-75% with my marathon training I came up with a lot of reasons  excuses why this extra piece of warm panera french bread was okay. So last week I made a purchase, you’ve probably already have seen it if you follow my facebook page if not I’d love for you to “like”me:)  Yes I have decided to start food journaling and monitoring everything that goes in my mouth. I want to tackle this 2nd part of my weightloss journey head on. I started on Sunday and have to say I’ve become more of a conscious eater. I’ve also been 100% clean eating for the past 3 days! Yeeeaaah Me! I’ll do a review in a couple of weeks of how I’m liking or not liking this Gold’s Gym Weight-Loss Tracker journal.

Okay back to the weigh in. I always seem to sidetrack. I decided to start a Weigh In Wednesday series on this blog, so every week good or bad I will post my scale number. My goal weight is around 150-155, that’s the number I have floating in my head for now. So as of April of this year I weighed in at 245lbs with a bodyfat percentage of 45%. Today I am………………………………………………






I have officially entered ONDERville! HEeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! 197 point freakin’ 6 pounds! That’s how I roll! Lol.. I credit this to a 100% clean eating in just 4days and of course that 13.1 miles half marathon I ran on Sunday.

Talking about half marathons. I have another one I’ve been looking at coming up on 12/16.  Yes I am actually considering it! I’ve recovered pretty well, as of this morning I have no soreness or creaks to speak of. Plus if I do complete this half it will be within 16 days criteria to apply for membership into the Half Fanatic National Club placing me at the Neptune level. Don’t know what I’m talking about, check out Half Fanatic web here . So we’ll see..I’m really thinking about it. I took a full rest day yesterday, today I’ll think I’ll spend some time with Shaun T’s Pure Cardio and hitting the weights with hubby later on focusing on back/chest.

Have you done a long distance race back to back? Or do you food journal if so how do you like it?


Weigh In Wednesday #2 and Newton Running Clinic

So yes I know its not Wednesday and actually as I am writing this its actually Thursday. Yes, I am a slacker and by the time you are reading this it will be Friday when I post it.  My work schedule is kind of crazy, if you’re one of my twitter peeps you’ve read my goodnight tweets when most are just getting their day started. I’m a night shift nurse and when I work my stretch on I am exhausted. So no blogpost was produced on Wednesday as it was suppose to for my weekly Weigh In Wednesday Series…hence the title. But, I did weigh myself that morning and here it is……….






Yes it is a gain. I believe 2.8lbs to be exact from last week. I’m not upset nor disappointed. Yep! I actually feel pretty AWEsome for my circumstance. You know ladies what I am talking about. That darn monthly visitor which I hate. Hence the weight gain or more like water weight. I’ve learned that working out thru it really helps relieve the typical pms symptoms.  So ladies don’t be afraid to lace your sneakers up during that annoying time!

Anyhoo, I just got back from my first shoe clinic at my local running store which was put on by Newton running shoes. I love their colorways and was hoping for my feet to love their shoes. I transitioned from a heel striker to midfoot about 3yrs ago, so since their shoe philosophy matched my foot landing I thought it would be a match made in running shoes heaven. Sorry to say it just wasn’t meant to be. The closest to a crush was their Terra Momentus and Gravity. Even though there wasn’t a shoe match, the session was really informative and the Newton guy gave some great tips on proper running form. We did a couple drills in the parking lot and gave me a critique to lift my knees up a bit more. I kid you not that change made a whole difference, instantly I covered more ground faster. So in the end, even though I didn’t get a Newton pair of shoes, I am so glad I went. I will be putting that technique on my run tomorrow morning. So my Mizuno Musha 4 and Wave Rider 15 still have my heart at this point for my running.

Also, in regards to my “shoe” heart I made some room for you guessed it! The Mizuno Wave Rider 16s! I was able to try it while there and can I say O-M-Freakin G! In luuuuuooove I tell you! Tomorrow I hope to pick it up, they only had the white/purple in my size. Tomorrow they’re suppose to check the turquoise/pink in their other 3 locations. Keeping my fingers crossed! They would match my hello kitty socks, no?

What brand of shoes do you run in? Do you have more than one pair? I think I have a running shoes addiction, do you?

Weekend in Pictures (New Shoes & Night Running)

My Facebook Status Reaction to the Newtown Tradgedy:

“Since I heard the tragic news yesterday I’ve been in constant prayer. My initial reaction was both surprise and anger, what disgusting person would target innocent little lives. The answer that made sense to me was a psychotic Evil monster. Right now I am praying for the spirit of comfort, healing, and strength for the friends and families who lost their loved ones. Lets keep them in our thoughts and hug our loved ones tighter as you know tomorrow is not promise. So appreciate each moment and Be blessed.”


So this weekend I spent alot of quality time with the hubby. Talked to my nieces (I have 2 princesses) and nephews ( 4 princes ) via phone, those are my babies and told them I love them as usual. I live about 5 hrs away from my fam so when we get together we make the best of the time. I can’t imagine losing them.

Since I am not in a blog writing mood. I thought pics with captions would suffice..

The hubby and I hitting the weights! So proud of him! He started his journey 3 weeks ago and to this date he lost 15 lbs! Go Hubby!

Went to whole foods to get organic veggies & fruits. I also bought something new to keep my skin soft.. Goat Milk Soap! So far I love it!


My reading material….oxygen magazine to fuel my weightlifting addiction and runnersworld for my runners high.

this chick is SICK! #inspired #muscleISsexy I love Oxygen Magazine!

Mama got a new pair of shoes..running shoes that is!! In love! Plus 30% off can’t beat that, been waiting for them to go on sale. So far my feet loves to run in anything Mizuno and Brooks Pure Cadence.

Finally put the 13.1 sticker on my car! With 2 halves under my belt, yeeah Me! 26.2 is in the horizon.

yes the shoes again! them in the car as soon as I walked out my LRS.

Closest to any kind of night running outdoors I will ever do. Not trying to come up missing on my local news. #TestRun #NewRunningShoes

Brooks Pure Cadence has been welcomed into my shoe arsenal. Loved my run therefore it gets a thumbs up! #runhappy #newShoes ROCKS!

Have you gotten a new pair of shoes? If so, what brand? Also, are you a brand loyalist or willing to branch out?

Why I Can’t Wear Running Shorts..for now

So I have a curvy figure or as some say in South Florida lingo, “I’m thick!” “Got that junk in the truck” “Applebottom jeans with the boots and the fur” “back that thang up!” “Whoop there it is!”..umm You  get it.

So I always admire running shorts when I walk into a running store. I mean they are cute. Like this get up that AMRAP Style put together…


Unfortunately, if I wore that I think a stripper pole would have to be near by. Like seriously! Alllll of my bizness would be out. Not a good married woman look, no? Shoot even if I was single I would like to leave a little to the imagination. For real, I haven’t yet encountered running shorts made for us chicks with big booty and thighs, the coverage is just not there. I’m just speaking the truth and from what I have encountered.

So for now, until I lose some more weight and toned those glutes up I just need to mix up my black capris with something else…hmm..something like this will do…

or this…..

What type of bottoms do you run or lift weights in? Shorts, tights, or capris? Are you comfortable in them? If you wear shorts do you ever worry about flashing or does your shorts give you enough coverage?

Weigh In Wednesday #3 and 8mos Progress Pics

As I have said before, the scale is an important tool but pictures says alot. So if you’re starting your journey, snap snap a couple of pics. Even though my before pics are 2 weeks into my journey, hence the smile due to a 9.6lbs so far. If I took  a pic from day one, my face would have looked a hot depressed sad mess. Now I really wish I took it, sad faced and all. But anyhoo, at least I have something to compare to even if it is a whopping 2 weeks into it.

Well, this past Saturday 12/15 after getting my sweat on in the gym with the hubby for 2 AWEsome hours, hence the deranged one-half open eyed look you will see pretty soon….I realized that day in the middle of a bench press made it exactly 8 months!!! Whoop!Whoop! Plus, I was wearing the same tank top in my before shot. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Time to celebrate w/ a photo shoot! So of course, I had the hubby assume photographer role and took a couple of snapshots with my high quality phone that I upgraded for $1..without further a it is..8 months into it and loving it!…..sweaty, deranged looking, bloated and all!……



Feeling like a BadAss after hitting those weights

Rolls Begone! Well…Almost! Still working on two resistant sections. But, it has definitely improved, yes?

Side profiles tells it all..oh how I love progress! Can’t wait till 9 months!

Oh yeah there’s also my weigh in…..

Last week was 200.4, previous week 197.6

So from last week that’s a 3.6lbs water weightloss partly due to my visitor. I’d credit maybe half a pound to fat loss. Still excited because a loss is a loss right? So this week I’m about to start my stretch on at work so my next post probably won’t be until next Wednedsay for the weigh in. Oh yeah, I also have a couple of product reviews coming up soon. That’s if the world hasn’t ended on Friday based on the Mayan calendar. If we’re still here Godwilling, I hope to come in with my next Wednesday weigh under 95lbs  Lol..I meant 195lbs! Until then I’ll be chatting it up on tweeter with my peeps! Be Blessed!


Weigh In Wednesday #4 Officially 50lbs Lost Hell Yeah!

I am finally off of my work stretch (6 nights) and yes I spent the Christmas holiday working while most were celebrating with fam and loved ones. But, the best part is I got to take care of some cute preemie babies and left them doing well.

source: Google image Mount Sinai Hospital

So now that I have ample time on my hands, I decided to have a running challenge to bring in the new year. So every day for the next 7 days I have committed to run for a full hour. Actually its 6 days since I completed my 1hr for today already this morning at the butt crack of dawn. Among those days I plan to sprinkle some Insanity workouts with Shaun T and of course throwing some weights around. I may also pick up some spinning and TRX classes. Yes I am insane and got my BEAST MODE switched on! Project Bringing Sexy Back In Full Effect

Ok now for the weigh in… goal last week was to get under 195lbs, so I needed to lose 1.9lbs to meet that goal. And I did it! I have officially lost freakin 50lbs!

Whooop!Whoop! I did it!! Heeeeeeyyyyy! Last week 196.8, previous 200.4

WHoop!Whoop! I say I ate about 80% clean and the 20% went to hell at my job’s night shift crew Christmas eve junk food potluck. I’m happy! My goal for next week is 3lbs. I’m on it! As Shaun T says..lets goooooooooooo!!!!






Secret Santa Sock Swap Reveal & Sparkly Soul Converted

So I decided to participate in my first blog Secret Santa Sock Swap hosted by Courtney over at Third Times A Charm Runner. I was paired up with Lora @ Crazy Running Girl, check out her post on what I sent her. It was so much fun shopping for someone I’ve never met. I had to go into investigation mode to figure out her interest hoping she would like at least one item..LOL. I had a blast.

As for me I love what my secret santa sent me who by the way was Jessica from Run With Jess. I started screaming when I got home from work morning of Christmas to see my package on our table. My hubby looked at me like I was silly when I told him it’s from Run With Jess. LOL…his response was “ok”. LOL. Anyhoo….here’s what I got..

This huge sock was filled with goodies!

So much goodies:0

Snazzy socks! Yeaah my knee high socks collection just grew to four!:)

The one item I was skeptical and thought initially “what’s all the fuss about?”. Shoot I could get a really cute sparkly band from Forever21 for 3 dollars. As you know I am all about deals. I’ve encountered a huge fan buzz on the blogosphere for Sparkly Soul hairband and honestly they have gained another faithful follower. People I suffer headaches from any kind of headbands and I experience none whatsoever with Sparkly Soul. Like seriously I was amazed! I’ve worn this blue sparklysoul that Run with Jess sent in my package everyday since Christmas even if it didn’t match what I was I put it to the test instantly with a workout with Insanity DVD and then continue to wear it for my 12hrs night shift at work.

post Insanity Workout

After a 12hrs workshift, I’m a happy nurse:)

It passed! I looooooooove Sparkly Soul like seriously I already told my hubby to budget for my 2013 Sparkly Soul collection. Again thanks Courtney for hosting this AWEsome swap and Jess you rock!


Please Help Me- New Year’s Outfit

This year has been a roller coaster, started the year out overweight well technically in medical term morbidly obese and depressed. April 15, 2012 I made a decision to bring my sexy back and as of yesterday lost a total of 50lbs. So I need a new outfit to bring in this year banging. Where am I going for the New Year’s Eve festivities? Haven’t decided but I know I won’t be home. LOL! I want to look hot and I’ll be accessorizing with The Purty Collection.  So please help me decide and vote! Tomorrow I’ll pick up the dress with the most vote combined from here and my facebook page from Forever21( I love that store!) Thanks:) Oh yeah, excuse my water bottle in the background:)

Weightloss Diva Renee’

I would like to introduce Cecilia “Renee’” FrettI met Renee’ during our college days at Florida State University. I contacted her asking to spotlight her weightloss transformation on my blog.  She is truly a weightloss diva and was gracious enough to share her journey to being healthy. She’s featured as my first spotlight in my new Motivational Monday Weightloss Bi-Weekly Series. Renee’ has also been a great supporter in my weightloss journey via our facebook #GoTeamHealthy where we motivate each other to make healthy choices and stay active. Her transformation is amazing and have inspired me. I hope it will inspire you as well.

Renee’ so tell us a little about yourself.

Hey y’all!  I’m a small town, country girl, from Florida. I come from a big family and I’m extremely proud of my West Indian roots (USVI/BVI).  I lived in 3 countries (USA, Bahamas, Dominica). I have two degrees and I’m currently working on a doctorate.  In my spare time I read romance novels, volunteer in lower socio-economical communities and hang out with friends. Although I’m not a “club” girl, I really enjoy social events.  I’m friendly, but keep my inner circle small, very small.  Single, but taken. I love the Lord; read my Bible daily, but not religious.  I’m known for being meticulous and uptight about how manage business and my home.  Oh yeah, I’m a Real Housewives of Atlanta addict! Lol.

So, how much weight have you lost? 

So far I’m down 30 pounds.  At my heaviest I weighed 187. Now, I’m 157!!  I ‘m truly more interested in being at healthy weight for my height and build rather than being slim.

What was the pivotal or Aha moment that made you decide to get healthy?
Well, I noticed my elders were dying at early ages from poor dietary and exercise habits.  Diabetes and hypertension is serious, but because it’s so common people fail to realize that both diseases are slow killers.  So, I gained a fear of dying at an early age…   I don’t want to dig my grave with my teeth. I want to live long, be healthy and be active. I’d rather die of something that I cannot escape, such as cancer.
What workout/dietary regimen did you follow to help you lose the weight and get fit? And, if you’ve reached your goal what are you doing to maintain.

It’s a heck of a lot easier for me to set fitness goals rather then weight loss goals.  Be not mistaken, fitness goals are a way of “fooling” myself. It’s just not as emotionally depressing if I don’t accomplish a fitness goal in time. But not losing weight can be very hard to accept when you workout religiously…  I like jogging. I started with short distances, like jogging a tenth of a mile, walk one mile. Two weeks later, I jogged a fourth of a mile, walk one mile. I continued to increase my distance biweekly until I could jog three miles.   Then, I added strength training.  Also, I made small changes to my daily diet, such as adding salads and limiting cultural foods. I NEVER diet – it’s torture for me! … I’m never at my ultimate fitness goal. Every time I accomplish a goal, I automatically set a new goal.
Do you have a current fitness-related goal?
Decrease jogging time by increasing speed. I’d like to jog 3 miles in under 27 minutes.
What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting on their fitness journey or too scared to try?

Make one change at a time. Don’t be drastic. Don’t look for drastic results. Don’t starve yourself or diet. Don’t do it to look good; do it to be healthy.  Diet pills are worthless and unhealthy.  Nothing in a bottle is natural. Most importantly, do it for yourself, not anyone else.

Weightloss Diva Tiffany

Hey guys, I would like to introduce my baby sister, Tiffany Noel. I am so proud of her and excited to spotlight her transformation. She has not only lost it but have maintained a healthy weight for about 5yrs. Maintenance phase is typically the most challenging part of a weightloss journey. She looks AH-mazing and motivates me. I’m not only saying this because she’s my baby sister but she is truly a weightloss diva.

Here’s what Tiffany has to say:

Hello everyone! My name is Tiffany and I’m currently a senior at Barry University. My major is Early Childhood Education and minor is Math. I love watching movies and tv shows. To date I have lost 47 lbs, previously it was more but I gain some back. As my sister said maintenance phase is hard especially, I have major school stressors since my cohort is the first to go thru our school’s 5yrs masters program. 18+ credits every semester has been no joke, but so far I am handling it pretty well and holding on to a healthy weight.

The weight just started shedding off when I change my eating habits. Simple as that! Well for me it was, I stopped buying my daily junk food of chips and sodas. Instantly I started seeing changes. Honestly I really didn’t work out, my activity was walking to and from school. Well, I guess that is exercise but I didn’t really follow any workout routine. Its not until recently after 4yrs of starting my journey, I just added Shaun T’s Insanity DVD that my sister kept raving about. She sent me her collection and I’ve been hooked!

My goal right now is to get thru the whole 60days of Insanity. Its been sporadic with my school schedule and externship. I look forward to graduating this Spring. My advice to you for those who are just starting or currently in your fitness journey is to have your mind made up that you want to lose weight and be dedicated. It all starts from your mind.

2013: Taking A Break From Running and Getting Sexy Naked

Very Inspiring!

I have thought about it all night and have decided to take a break from distance running to be exact. As you know I am on a fatloss journey. I am humbled and excited to have lost 50lbs in 8 months but starting the new year I would like to take my fitness journey to another level. At the start of my journey, I had a 1yr body project in mind, hence I have 4 months left to give it my all. I will be redirecting my attention from distance running to focus more on hitting the weight room and interval training. Running will still be included in my fitness routine but in the form of HIIT and hill training. So my “long” run day which will be no more than an hour or two will be scheduled only once a week.


December ’12 Issue Oxygen Magazine

The body figure I am going for is more on the strong but still maintaining a feminine look. I should have no problem since I won’t be doing any kind of testosterone injection or steroid use. Strictly natural over here! I already lift heavy but I need to stick to a schedule instead of doing whatever I feel like. If you missed it I was spotlighted as a Lady Lifter, check it out as it appears I had a lot to say:) So my new goal is consistency which is why tomorrow I will be following this schedule of simplyshredded 12 week plan,”The Ultimate Female Training Guide”. The article is pretty accurate and pretty much reiterating what I learned in my Exercise Science major courses. The only difference is I won’t be taking any of their “recommended” supplements. I’ll continue my multivitamins and this one protein shake I’ll be doing a review on soon which I surprisingly love the taste. I will continue to eat clean and really tackle these next 12 weeks like a beast!

So this is my 2013 goal: to get shredded up and look sexy naked!

I don’t know about you but I would love to look like this sans clothing..I refuse to think that its only attainable for those we see in the fitness magazines or fitness figure shows. It takes discipline and commitment, I’m pretty much filled up on those two and some. I am so ready to push myself and get my body in the best shape its ever been in. I’ll never be much of an olympian sprinter but I sure as hell will lift like one and try my hardest to activate my fast twitch muscles! What are you 2013 goals? Please share I would love to hear:) Also stay tuned! Tomorrow I will be spotlighting a really wonderful individual who lost weight to avoid diabetes and high blood pressure, can’t wait to share her inspiring story!

Unplanned New Year’s Eve and Dress Reveal

So last week I had in mind this for my 2012 New Years Eve bringing in 2013…. went something like this…..

LMAO! So I worked this past Sunday night and we had 6 admissions! I guess alot of babies wanted to make a visit to the Neonatal ICU before the New Years. Which means you are left with a tired nurse on the morning of New Years Eve. I was really sleepy the whole day yesterday…I slept, woke up and slept, woke up and slept. All translates to I didn’t get my hair and nails done. It doesn’t help that my hubby is not much of a social butterfly so when I suggested we should stay in for the night, that pretty much was all she wrote. Plus, I can’t fault him since he was up since midnight and didn’t get home from work til 7ish in the evening.

So here is the banging dress that won and you all voted for and still remains sparkling in the closet:) Soon as I got home with it this past Friday, I couldn’t wait to play with accessories. Here are some pics…

Hair do’ was suppose to between these two looks…..

At approximately 11 o’clock last night the hubby and I decided “you know what lets at least head out to see the fireworks and have me rock my dress”. So as he tries to zip it up, the darn zipper broke…it BROKE! Oh well, back to bed we went after I danced to some Haitian Music ”Are you ready? by Carimi” in our living room still buzzing from two shots of patron from earlier..

oh a margarita! Yep! All for me, the hubby doesn’t drink:) Makes him always the designated safe driver.

Y’all I was really tired..look at my face..even makeup could not cover it up..


So tired I didn’t even polish the other hand..LOL!

So I want to thank you all for voting! Even though I didn’t get to rock it, there’s never enough sparkle in a girls closet. Plus its going back to the store to get exchanged for that broken zipper:/ Happy New Year!!!! Even if things don’t go as planned which is what is called Life, make the best of it and be blessed!

How was your New Years? Did you party it up or celebrate relaxing at home? Chime in would love to hear if it went as planned!


Weigh In Wednesday #5 (Quick Post)

So I weighed in this morning before I headed out to spinning class(shout out to @ShellyW on twitterville for inspiring me to attend my own spinning class) and I felt like I was on a roll afterwards so I followed it with a 4 mile run around my neighborhood…

Last week 194.8, Previous 196.8

So that’s 0.4lb lost! I’ll take it! That’s a total of 50.6 lbs so far. Monday I started the simplyshredded 12 week workout routine and also indulge in some serious alcohol intake as you saw the evidence from my last post. As you all know alcohol consumption during weightloss efforts is not a wise decision. Your body taps into glycogen storage before hitting the fatty acids for fuel, but the special thing about alcohol it is such a simple form of sugar and when readily available your body hits that up first really quick. So I already new when I woke up yesterday morning on New Years day to complete some hill sprint training, my fat burn was at a bare minimum since I had free alcohol sugars floating around. Anyhoo, I’m glad I lost and can’t wait to see what next week weigh in brings with clean eating, no alcohol beverage, weightlifting, and HIIT cardio. Wishing you an awesome Wednesday! Time to keep on grinding. Oh yeah I took a pic for my before shot in my sportsbra and shorts<–big deal for me! to compare at 4, 8, & 12weeks can’t wait to see progress:)

Inspired by Januarians- Stop Hatin’ On Them

Yeah you read that right! I was inspired at 6 in the morning as I walked into the gym to hit a spinning class. I noticed this morbidly obese individual walking on an incline on the tready, never saw her before and am sure she holds a membership to the Janurian club. She looked at me as I walked by and I nodded and gave her a smile. That was my way of saying, “You go girl! Walk that shiznit out!” She smiled back and homegirl put an extra pep in her step. My inspiration comes from everything and seeing someone starting their journey is AWEsome. I was there just this past April only able to walk 2mph at 245lbs well felt like waddle really with no incline whatsoever. Lol…haa I still hate inclines. I’ve noticed a lot of hating going on in twitterville and blogosphere weightloss/fitness community. But say what you may, I am inspired by them. Why? Because I had a special member card to the club January of 2012, just one year ago. Yeah yeah I hear the “oh they’re not going to last long”, “resolutions don’t last” a whole bunch of negative talk in regards to such individuals. You know what! Yeah I didn’t stick with it past January but I did get bitten by the fitness bug enough to get my tail back in the gym in April to lose 50lbs that year.  Resolutions, goals, or 2013 plans whatever you call it, its the same the thing, dressed with the same shoes with  a different color.

Read this comment from the bodybuilding forum poster

“But, they will also inspire you if you take time to watch. I saw one fellow, every ounce of 450 pounds, standing in front of the dip stand, not to try to do a dip. That was impossible. No, he was just kneeling a bit and then standing up. It was taxing the hell out of him to do that much. The sheer courage it takes to do such “wuss” looking thing there, because he knew he needed to just boggled the mind.” -B.Spencer Bodybuilding forum

So I encourage you to instead of back-lashing or self-promoting of being better then said Janurians give them a smile of encouragement. I myself like so many others was there and probably so were you. We all started from somewhere whether you’re skinny trying to gain muscle or overweight trying to lose some pounds. The point of it all I know how hard it is to start, so if January was enough to get them out of bed to do something shit lets celebrate instead of hatin’!

Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition


By the way I loooooove that show!  Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition with Chris Powell is the bizness! I cry every single time. Don’t judge Have you caught an episode? You should! He works with each individual for a year and splits it into 4 phases, the first 3 months he actually lives with them in their home teaching them the tools to make the health changes on their own. Do you have a favorite weightloss/fitness show?

Stairmaster Sucks! The End.

Like seriously this morning I tried fitsugar stepmill interval workout I found through google<–Oh how I love thee. It was my first time trying the stairmaster, most times at our gym it is empty. Now I see why! Its freakin’ insaaaaane, <–you know I love stuff like that. There’s a reason I still refer to Shaun T’s Insanity Workout. Though I do enjoy steady cardio but I tell you HIIT gives the most bang for your buck as far as time and fat burn allowance.

So far this week I learned my conditioning sucks! It truly sucks! Thanks to my new workout plan. I cried, bitched and moaned when my hubby pushed me thru our hill sprints on Tuesday. But, I can proclaim I’m an endurance queen after the last 5 months of training for a full marathon that turned into a half. I can run and run and run at steady state for hours..well more like 3hrs..but you get the point. Yesterday, I was able to endure the nonstop sprint intervals at spinning class(the instructor is another INSANE person) since we had a party going with music blasting and riding in the dark with blacklights<==grateful.

Spinning Class Party Time!

So today I wanted to do something different, googled best cardio gym equipment and stepmill popped up. I only made it thru 20minutes of the 40mins, but whats exciting is that I know I will be able to get thru it one day. And when I do you will know about it because I will be screaming from the top of the hill=twitter,facebook, my blog, whoever unlucky person I encounter at my fitness store. Because that’s where I will be getting myself a reward:) I’ll let you know what it is soon:)

So have you tried the stepmill before? Do you likes or hates? Are you trying something new in your fitness routine this year? Chime in! I love chatting it up:) Oh yeah in that pic I was only 7minutes in, sweating bullets and thinking I hate this machine, yep I’m doing it again tomorrow!Lol

Weigh In Wednesday #6 and Up My Calories

So for the past 6 weeks I’ve been trying this new tactic, I increased my caloric intake. Initially when I started my weightloss journey I was eating b/x 1200-1500 calories per day, weight started dropping AWEsome. Then it stalled as expected, tried different routines and found myself being more hungry and my indulging in “unclean” foods increased and a bit more tired. So in the beginning of December I decided to try this new tactic, Eat More! My workout intensity and amount of workouts I was putting in each week, 1200-1500 calories was not sufficient by then. Hence why I was hungry and cravings increased. So now I’m hitting 1800 calories and sometimes 2000…sounds Insane right!? Check out Jennifer blogpost on her commitment to 2000 calories.  My BMR is 1800+ calories so to make a deficit I choose to kill it in my workouts. Remember from my previous post, I am also doing more High Intensity Interval Training as oppose to steady cardio, and following the weight routine by simplyshredded. My body is shaping up just the way I like it, the muscles are coming in and my abs are looking more cut, can’t wait to reveal my before and after I complete this 12 weeks plan! Oh yeah another thing I’ve been focusing on is getting my water intake, used to be pretty good about it but during the Florida “winter” months its more of  challenge, I kind of forget. So far, since this past Sunday I’ve been hitting 88oz! WHoo!Hooo! Okay now my weigh in…

last week 194.4, previous 194.8


So that’s a 2.6lbs loss whoohoo! Go Melissa! Go Melissa! Go Melissa! Also I’m doing a DietBet Fatloss Stimulus Package! You know how I love challenges, keeps me from getting bored. Plus the challenge ends 3 days after my birthday motivating me to gear up for my birthday gear. Also, my Dietbet scale number is going to be more on there than my Weigh In Wednesdays(in my birthday suit) because you have to submit a picture of you on the scale to the Dietbet referee of course with clothes So every weigh in on there will be more, but come by and cheer me on!

Do you count calories? If so, are you on the low or on the higher end? Do you know your Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR)? If not check it out here, Jen from Onelovelyrun provided an AWEsome link here.